Count Down to Black Friday 2022

The countdown begins…
Black Friday weekend join us for the Harvest Holiday Makers Market.

Are the big box stores letting you down? Is the Holiday rush wearing on your last nerve? Are you looking for that one of a kind gift? Or maybe a little something special for yourself? Come on, you know you deserve it.

Come on out! We have handmade
Holiday Ornaments, Swag and Décor
Art in Wood, Resin and More
Something for Baby, Something for You
Something for Fairies, Puppies
And for the Birds too
Tumblers and Mugs, Candles and Treats
Teas and Herbs for a Good Nights Sleep.

Visit with Santa, enjoy good food, holiday music and festivities.

Admission is FREE to the public. We also feature a FREE Kids Craft area, sponsored by Joyful Emergence, to preoccupy the younger set while you shop.

Plus The Holiday Market Weekend has been extended through December 18th!

  • December 3rd & 4th
  • December 10th & 11th
  • December 17th & 18th

Vendors may Contact Us now to sign up for any of the dates above.

P.S. Happy Birthday Mickey & Minnie. Yep, today is their day!


Where do I find my wacky, weird and witty holidays and history… National Today , where everyday is a celebration!

National Today
Mickey Mouse Birthday

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And The Winner is…

That’s alota squash! 65 pounds to be exact.

And the winner of the Great Pumpkin Give Away is # 777368. Come claim your prize! Bring your winning ticket to the front desk here at The Market in Midway.

Considered by many to be a veggie, the pumpkin is the fruit of the Cucurbita, Latin for gourd. The Cucurbitaceae family also includes cucumber and watermelon. I bet that is more Latin than you cared to learn today.

Tomorrow is National Pumpkin Day. I wonder what The Great Pumpkin will become, pie, soup or spiced latte or maybe all the above. Don’t forget to bake the seeds!

There is still time to take advantage of all the Spooky Deals in the Shops of The Market in Midway.

Halloween is also Books For Treats Day. Stop by Iron Eagle Leather Crafts & More. There is a library there. For $8, they will give you a bag to fill with Paper Back Books. What better way to Treat your brain.

Fall Sales

Why not make it a family affair? Don your Halloween best and head to The Market in Midway. While you are checking out all the Spooky deals, the kiddies can Trick or Treat with our Vendors.


Where do I find my wacky, weird and witty holidays and history… National Today , where everyday is a celebration!

National Today
National Pumpkin Day
Books For Treats Day

AgriLife Today
Is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?

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Let’s Go Nuts!

Saturday is National Nut Day and it’s the time to celebrate all things Nuts!


This national day has only been around since 2015, but mankind’s love of all things nuts is as old as time. An archeological dig in Israel revealed evidence that nuts were a major part of our diet 780,000 years ago. Even early Native Americans ate nuts. They made flour, nut butters and used the shells to fuel fires.

Did you know that the Macadamia nut came from Australia…WHAAAAT?!?
Yep, Macadamias were originally grown in Queensland, Australia and only arrived in Hawaii during the late 1800’s. Just so you know, the peanut is not really a nut but a member of the pea family!?!

Speaking of nuts…The Candy Shoppe has $1 off a purchase of $10 or more. Stop in, pick up some snacks while you shop The Market this weekend.

What’s Up With That Pie?

Sunday is both National Boston Cream Pie Day and Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day. While I don’t recommend you act upon the latter, I do hope it brought you a giggle or a grin.

In 1856, French Chef Sanzian created the delectable dessert for the opening of the Parker House Hotel in downtown Boston, which is now known as the Omni Parker House. As a remake of the early American ‘Pudding-cake-pie’, two layers of butter sponge cake, were filled with a thick custard or cream, and are topped with a chocolate glaze.

Is it a cake or is it a pie? I don’t know. I’ll let you decide for yourself. I do know that Jack’s Dawghouse promised us some creamy, yummy desserts this Sunday! Swing by the Jack’s food truck outside and give it a try.


Where do I find my wacky, weird and witty holidays and history… National Today , where everyday is a celebration!

National Today
National Nut Day
Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day
National Boston Cream Pie Day

Nutcracker Museum
The History of Nuts

What’s Cooking America
Boston Cream Pie History & Recipe

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